Vietnam Day 8

Just the best

Happy, sore and tired after a short 55km day. Made some amazing new Vietnamese friends, and couldn't be happier. This will be a short update, as I can barely keep my eyes open, but best day yet.
start picture

Confused start

My bike was feeling strange after the tube replacement yesterday, and this morning I went in 5 different directions before realizing it was an easy fix. Long and the short of it, rear wheel had been put back on the bike incorrectly by the guys at the bikeshop, and I just needed to fix it. Wasted 45 minutes, however, thinking a locknut was missing, and another bit of time fixing it - so we had a late start.

Gorgeous countryside and our first day of sunshine couldn't totally overcome our fatigue from the last few hard days, but we kept plugging. In the early afternoon Claire hit a wall with the sun and not enough water, and we spent a good hour at a nice little convenience store/bar/pool hall cooling off and playing pool with some friendly locals, who kicked both of our butts.
pool Playing

New Friends

Around 3, a scooter pulled up alongside us and a young Vietnamese couple, Nguyen and Thanh, with excellent English started up a conversation. Before we knew it we had been invited back to their beautiful home, and they killed a chicken for us to serve us a fabulous early dinner!

Nguyen invited an english class she teaches over, and Claire and I enjoyed an amazing afternoon helping the practice english, playing guitar, and promising everyone that Donald Trump will not get elected (everyone is really concerned about the American primaries right now, even Vietnamese farmers).

The chicken was fantastic - Claire even had a chicken foot for the first time (I'm slowly bringing her onboard the adventurous eater game)! I certainly can say I've never had fresher.
Claire foot

With a half hour of sunlight left Nguyen and Thanh escorted us on scooter the final 10km to a hotel. After giving us time for a shower, they came back out and we went to a beautiful lake to enjoy conversation, beers and hopeful conversations.
New Friends Fantastic day, that will be very hard to top.

Biking route

For keeping score.

Outside picture

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