Vietnam Day 5


Today was short, all on a busy highway (with a very wide shoulder), perfectly flat, but pretty uninspiring. Built up businesses mostly the whole way, with only brief views of the gorgeous countryside. If you are planning a bike trip and reading this, skip Highway 1 as much as possible.

There were, as always, food and people highlights! People along the whole route were, as always, friendly as can be. Groups of school children on bikes following us and saying hello over and over, people running up to the road to wave and smile, parents pointing us out to babies, babies pointing us out to parents - tons of uplifting energy from everyone. Great breakfast this morning, some sort of darker broth and dark noodle soup! (Claire Edit: I really got convinced the dark noodles were worms... which we morning fought about. FUN TIMES NOW! I admit I was wrong) I had to do a seat adjust, and we happened to be right next to a banh mi spot, so we got delicious sandwiches to go for the road.


At one bathroom break, the gas station we pulled into had an ENORMOUS preserved snake in a jar. They were very proud of it.


Near the end we stopped for a coconut, and ended up also getting some gigantic eggs, goose eggs as far as we could tell.


We took a 5k detour to the coast, to see what was there, and it was very much a working persons coast. Most of the area had tons of sardines drying, and it smelled strongly of fish. Cool to see, but had to trek 5k back out for a spot to sleep.


Finally pulled into a fancyish hotel to rest tonight. Tomorrow we are going to leave the flats, and brave the hills to get up to the Ho Chi Minh highway and the beautiful sights! We had been thinking originally of taking more time on the flat coast before attempting inland, but we both agreed we would rather go super slow on hills in beautiful spots than any distance or speed more on this highway.

So - tomorrow will hurt, but we are excited about it!


The Route