Vietnam Day 9

Breaking Down Around Conor

ClaireOrama Today's colourfully worded update is from Claire
Yesterday was fan-fucking-tastic, today, shit got real.

Even though we had just 50k (which is still a lot in my book) the struggle was real. Legs hurting me going slow as a snail which made me probably use more energy then if I was going faster. Thought I was looking forward to the sun coming out.. but the heat doesn't do wonders.

I was grumpy and then the sun was making me hot - not fun to be around. I snapped at Conor a few times (which he took like a pro) and the first time I cracked a smile all day was when Conor was ridding ahead of me and got chased by a mean dog while biking uphill.

Rolling rolling hills my thighs feeling it then came this huge steep mother of a fucker and off the bike I went. Conor plugged that hill like a hero all the way up as I walked beside my bike in the heat like a miserable cunt. Then stopped in shade halfway up, Conor came back, "how are you?" FINE. "Okay" (poor soul sorry bro) then walked the bike up again but still not all the way up this god damn hill. Then stop again. Conor came back "How are you?" Tears start roll and crying commenced. Just break down, then crying more because I didn't know why I was crying the crying because when I rubbed my eyes from the crying I got sunscreen in them. Basically one hot mess. Top of the hill was Absolutely gorgeous of course and with Conor's help I started feeling better. Down hill was just fantastic. After the down hill I started getting back in the groove and after a stop with a mango snack and then sun not as blazing things were feeling good. Then Conor's tire went flat again.. Just everything seemed to be breaking down around Conor yet Conor himself. What a guy I tell you!

start crowd

Worked for me too because then I got to rest a bit more. Conor started to refit a a tire tube in, do not know the correct lingo here (From Conor: Tire and tube punctured, small ~.5mm hole, swapped no problem, might still plug the tire...). And as he was fixing his Bike it happened the good ol fashioned Vietnam way. One moped rolls up and stops, watches, then 2 kids on bicycles roll up, stop watches, before you know it theres about 30-40 people at one point (wish I had that amount of people come to my shows) there to watch Conor fix his tire and stare at me like I was some Alien as I did some goofy dances for them from the music coming out of our speaker. I now know what it's like to be famous. Was all a good time till 4 drunk guys came up and were getting super graby with Con's stuff and things form there started to get a little overwhelming. Fixed fast then on again. Got to guesthouse and we are both just pooped.
end crowd

Hate that this post sounds so complainy and I apologize for that. I AM HAVING AN AMAZING TIME. So many Ups but with as many up days as we've had there was bound to be a bit of a down day. So there it is!

Conor Speaks

Rough day for Clairsey, but we persevered! I got to ride up and back down a few of the rough hills a couple times each and I'm feeling better and better, if very very sore. Also glad I had the flat where I did - it has been a few years since I've replaced a tube on my own, and I needed to pull that bandaid. Still hate trying to pump the tire up to full PSI with my tiny little pump, but it is good to know I can fix that problem anytime.

That said, if anyone wants to bring me some Continental Gator tires, I'd be real happy!


A growth day